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All of the cats under our care have had all necessary shots and have been spayed or neutered.  Please contact our helpful Shelter staff for more information: 479-363-1112.

Cali Cally (F10-0178) is an extraordinarily beautiful senior kitty. She is a long-haired, muted Calico. Cally is a bit of a Diva and must be an inside only cat and no other kitties allowed. She's the Queen! She knows what she wants. Canned food and the love and adoration of her owner is high up on the list.  

Boostie (F12-0042) is a very sweet girl. She has the softest fur and likes to be petted. She is a quiet girl and wants a home with no dogs or small children. She needs a nice calm atmosphere to flourish. With her personality and striking good looks she is sure to bring a lot of joy and companionship to her new family. This baby is used to being in a home and we hope she won't have to stay at the shelter very long.

Jagger (F13-0093) an adult, male, orange tabby. Jagger is a neat guy who gets along with other cats. He can be a little dominant but does well with all females and passive males. He is a special needs kitty that is bonded with another cat named Sydney and they must be adopted together. Jagger needs to be an indoor cat, screened porch a must! 

Hades (F14-0051) is a very small, black, male cat. He is a little on the timid side. He will need time to warm up to his new owners before his true personality comes out. He has dainty little paws and loves to have a kitty cave to hide in. He needs to be an inside only kitty. Hades is bonded with another cat named Pharaoh and the must be adopted together.


Pharaoh (F14-0066) is a very special cat that needs and deserves a very special home. He suffered from bad gums to the point he had to have most of his teeth extracted. Despite this he continues to keep up his winning personality. He needs to have warm water added to his dry food and loves canned food. He has a healthy appetite. He is trained to run in the cat carrier. He needs to be an indoor cat and his favorite thing to do is to lay in the window and watch the birds. He would love a new family. especially one that would install bird feeders right outside the window for him. Pharaoh is bonded with a cat named Hades and they must be adopted together.

Rusty (F14-0220) is a very sensitive boy. He's been here since he was a baby. He's hard to show because he hides. He is stunning. He has gorgeous green eyes. He is very emotional and needs the right parent. He loves treats and canned food. This is the best way to form a friendship with him. Trust is a big issue.

Sydney (F14-0005) is a female, long haired diluted tortie. She is very shy Adult cat. She is bonded with another cat, Jagger. He's her rock. She doesn't do well without her Jagger and he doesn't do well without his Sydney. They must be adopted together. They need to be inside kitties only and are very used to having a screened in porch to lounge about on.

Sweetie (F16-0065) is an Adult cat that would make a great lap cat. She is an inside only kitty and must be the only cat in the household. She has her own special pillow that she is content to lay on for hours. Do you have room in your heart and on your lap for Sweetie?

Jaden (F16-0095) is an absolutely beautiful cat with jade green eyes. She was born on Mother's Day in 2014 and has lived inside her whole life. She is a little timid. She likes to be petted, but at the moment prefers not to be picked up. This might change once she finds a forever home and a new mommy or daddy to build a bond with. She is a little picky about her dietary regimen. She has a piggie stuffed animal and a bed that will go with her to her new home.
Jelly Jelly (F17-0082) is a female, orange tabby approximately 3 yrs old. She loves to bird watch from a comfy window seat. She also loves people, but needs to be a single pet household. She is looking for her forever home.

Kirey (F18-0014) is a beautiful, female tabby, a little over a year and a half. She is classified as a Young Adult. She is a very shy girl, but once she gets to know you her sassy side will start to show. She would do best in a home without small children. She gets along with most cats and enjoys playing with toy mice.

Janet (F18-0023) is a female tabby, approximately 2 yrs old. She is classified as a Young Adult cat. She is used to living inside. She has come a long way since she first arrived at the shelter. She was very scared and that made her a little antisocial. She has learned to trust the staff and now wants to be petted and loved on. This big girl is looking for a home where she can be loved and run around and play like a kitty should.

Flint (F18-0038) is a black and white, Adult, male kitty. He is a calm boy that gets along with most cats, but also appreciates having alone time to meditate. His birthday is in July and his one wish is to not spend it in the shelter. Can you make this birthday boy's wish come true? Come meet him, right meow!

Onyx (F18-0046) is a regal looking Adult, male cat. He is a super affectionate cat and he does a cute head tilt to the side when he's listening to you talk. He can be a little picky about other cats and might prefer to be an only child. He requires a special food and a Mommy or Daddy that will see he is well monitored and take him to the vet for his scheduled check-ups. He needs to be an inside kitty and given lots of snuggles.

Shakespeare (F18-0054) is an Adult, male, cat. He weighs in at an impressive 15 lbs. He is a calm cat that doesn't like loud noises and wants to live in an adult only household. He prefers to sit next to you on the sofa and have deep meaningful conversations about life. This handsome boy is hoping for not just an owner, but a friend.

Tallulah (F18-0064) is a female, approximately 4 yrs old. She has mesmerizing eyes and a gorgeous grey coat. She's always picture perfect.

Petunia (F19-0008) is a female, orange tabby, Adult cat. She is a very timid baby and would like a quiet household to call her home. She comes with her kitty hideout bed. She likes to nap and watch the daily activities from her kitty cave. She likes to be petted and talked to throughout the day. If you're looking for a good listener and confidante, Petunia is your girl.

Cricket (F19-0011) is a wonderful senior kitty, approximately 15 yrs old. She has some arthritis and needs kitty stairs or ramps, to make getting on the bed or sofa, for cuddles, safe and easy. She loves to eat and play with her mouse-on-a-stick toy. She enjoys lap time and being petted. We're positive there's a home out there for this sweetheart of a senior. Is it yours?

Bunny (F19-0012) is a very sweet Sr. kitty, approximately 15 yrs old. She is classified as special needs, because she may have some hearing impairment and needs to be on a special food. She is the ultimate lap cat. She also makes the most serene trilling noise, instead of the usual purr. If you're looking for a calm kitty, to sit with you and be your constant companion, then you need to meet Bunny. (Inside only cat, no other pets)

Waffles (F19-0013) is a male kitty, classified as a Young Adult cat. He is super affectionate and playful. He wants an owner that is able to give him a lot of attention. In between naps, he will clown around to make you laugh.

Ivy (F19-0016) is a small, tabby, female, just over a year old. She acts shy at first, but once she warms up to you she will constantly want attention and lap time.

St. Paw
St. Paw (F19-0020) is a female, orange tabby, approximately 1 1/2 yrs old. She is a very timid girl that wants love and affection so badly, but is afraid to trust. She will warm up, but it will take an owner willing to give her the time she needs to adjust to a new environment and feel safe. She has the cutest fluffy cheeks. This sweet baby needs to be an inside kitty.

Ricky (F19-0024) is a tabby and white, male cat, a little under a year old. He is a fun loving guy that likes to play as much as he does cuddle.

Hendrix (F19-0025) is an adult, male cat. He is a big ol' boy that loves to have his head petted. In fact he will head-butt you to get your attention. Having lived on his own for a while he knows what he wants and likes to be treated like an adult. Don't let him fool you though he has a soft side. He has a very special stuffed chipmunk toy that he sleeps with and waits anxiously for it's return from the laundry.

Sparky (F19-0028) is a black, female, approximately 1 1/2 years old. One word to describe her..FUN! This sweet baby will crawl in your lap for cuddles any chance she gets. She also loves to help with chores like sweeping and mopping.

Chai (F19-0029) is a muted tortie, female, approximately 1 1/2 yrs old. She is a dainty kitty that is looking for a forever home. She loves to give hugs and look out windows at the birds.

Benny (F19-0035) is a gorgeous, black, male cat, approximately 4 yrs. old. This big boy weighs slightly over 15 lbs. He is a big love bug with a story to tell. He came to the shelter with a severely injured tail. Now he has a cute little bob tail. He would love to sit in your lap and tell you all about it.
Aerosmith Aerosmith (F19-0038) is a male, tabby and white, teenager. He is in the explore everything stage of his life. He's hoping to get adopted soon as he's already explored everything in his room at the shelter. We promise to keep him entertained with toys and treats, but what he really wants is a home.
ZZ Top ZZ Top (F19-0039) is one cool dude. He is a tabby and white teenager. He was the brave boy out of his litter and he let his siblings know it was safe to try new things. He continues to show leadership skills and is looking to be someone's confident kitty.

Styx (F19-0040) is a tabby and white, female, less than a year old. She is sweet and full of energy. Sometimes she makes believe that she's a flying squirrel. She needs to be an inside only kitty. She's hoping for a home with lots of windows so she can watch the outside squirrels.

Fernando (F19-0041) is a black and white, male cat, a little under a year old. This sweet boy is ready to explore your house and pick some favorite hangout spots.

Tuna (F19-0044) is a male, kitty, we call a teenager. He was a very sick kitten when he came into the shelter, but has since made a full recovery and is now a cuddly, fun little boy looking for a forever home.

Mackerel (F19-0045) is a gorgeous, medium hair, calico, less than a year old. Even at this young age she knows she's a diva! Your guests will gasp at her beauty when she sashays into the room.

Anchovy (F19-0046) was the runt of a very sick litter when he came to the shelter. He had to fight extra hard since he was the little guy. He has made a full recovery and is now a healthy teenager looking for a forever home. He retains the sweet little boy personality he always had.

Domino (F19-0047) is a black and white, male, under a year old. His entire litter is very timid, however he would be classified as the least timid of the bunch. He was the leader and the one to try new things first. He will need time to adjust to new surrounding, but everyday he gets braver and more secure.

Squeaker (F19-0048) is a black and white, female, less than a year old. She has very unique markings. She is a timid cat that will need to be kept inside and given time to adjust to her new home and family. This beauty is worth the wait.

Frosty (F19-0049) is a Siamese mix, female, less than a year old. She is the kind of cat people say "Awe" out loud over. She is very timid though and will need to be an inside kitty.

Blackie (F19-0050) is a sweet little boy less than a year old. He is very timid at first and will need to be an indoor kitty and allowed time to adjust to his change in surrounding. He purrs up a storm when held close for cuddles.

Pippi Longstocking
Pippi Longstocking (F19-0051) is a Siamese mix, female, less than 2yrs old. She is a petite cat that loves attention. She can be around other cats just fine, but definitely like to have her own personal space respected.

Astrid (F19-0052) is entering the teenager stage. She is ready to join a family and have her yearly picture taken just like the kids do. She's been practicing her best smile.

Annika (F19-0053) is a female, tabby, we would classify as entering the teenager phase. She is a very sweet girl, eager to explore and learn. She loves to play with toys.

Silas (F19-0056) is the best cat ever!! He's a grey and white, male approximately 2 yrs old. He has some vision issues and is therefore classified as a special needs adoption. He is super calm and has the best personality. A real staff favorite. If you think you might be the forever home this boy needs, please contact the shelter for a meet and greet.

Endora (F19-0057) is an extremely affectionate female,tabby, approximately 2 yrs old. This girl is very petite. She loves to be petted and is looking for an owner that likes to lavish attention on their kitties.

Lester (F19-0058) is a black, male, approximately 2 yrs old. He is such a sweetheart and enjoys being told daily what a good boy he is.

Little Terry
Little Terry (F19-0060) is a solid grey, female, approximately 4 yrs old. She is a funny cat that likes to talk and quite often leaves the tip of her tongue sticking out. We think she's been online looking at too many selfies.