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Recognizing Animal Neglect

Four cats that have been abandoned outside in winter.

Identifying Animal Neglect and How to Assist

Animal neglect is a concerning issue often encountered at Good Shepherd Humane Society, affecting a portion of animals in distress. Various factors contribute to animal neglect, such as lack of education, financial difficulties, disability, mental health issues, or a lack of empathy towards animal suffering. Our objective is to empower our community to become advocates for suffering pets who rely on us to speak up for them.

Recognizing Animal Neglect

Defining Animal Neglect

The definition of animal neglect varies depending on local laws and should be enforced by the appropriate authorities. Nevertheless, here are some key indicators to watch for in your area:

  1. Inadequate Shelter: Animals exposed to extreme weather conditions without access to proper shelter, which can lead to health issues or fatal outcomes.
  2. Abandonment: Animals left behind in homes during relocations or discarded along roadsides, risking starvation, accidents, illnesses, or injuries.
  3. Lack of Veterinary Care: Untreated injuries or signs of untreated illnesses, such as weight loss, hair loss, coughing, or lethargy. It’s essential to engage with the owner first to ensure proper medical assistance.
  4. Hoarding: Accumulating a large number of animals without the ability to provide proper care, leading to unsanitary living conditions, socialization deficits, and inadequate food.
  5. Physical Abuse: Direct violence against an animal, which should be reported immediately to local authorities. Physical intervention is discouraged due to potential complications.

How You Can Offer Assistance

Extend a Helping Hand: Many instances of neglect stem from limited resources. Approach the owner with your concerns in a nonjudgmental manner, and if feasible, provide support to help them address the situation.

Document Your Observations: Keep a record of dates, locations, and specific incidents, which can be valuable when Animal Control Officers investigate.

Report to Local Authorities: If you suspect neglect but it is not an emergency, contact local animal control or law enforcement. In emergencies, dial 911. You can also reach out to our Outreach Team at (479) 253-9188 for guidance.

Support Your Local Animal Shelter: Neglected animals often require extensive medical care or behavioral rehabilitation upon rescue. If you reside in Carroll County and surrounding towns, Good Shepherd Humane Society is your local hometown animal shelter. You can support us through monetary donations or by purchasing items from our Thrift Stores.

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